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Solar farm

Elite carried out the electrical install of 3 SOLAR FARMS totalling 20MW (75000 photovoltaic panels)over a period of 5 months.

Each farm had approx. 25,000 photovoltaic panels that required DC wiring and connecting. Elite needed to clip the cabling back to the inverter position at the end of an array where the team would build the framework for the Inverters and sub collectors to be mounted and all DC and LV connection to be made. SWA would need glanding and making off at the Feeder Pillars and sub collectors before DC and AC testing could be completed.  

Two of these farms were built over the winter period in South Wales from December 2014 - March 2015, with the other 6.8mw at North Somerset completing in April 2015. Under the worst weather conditions witnessed by the project managers, Elite’s team of engineers still pulled through and completed the projects on time.

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